Home Air Purifier: What Must-Have Qualities To Look For?

Today, health risks are linked to many factors, including the prevalence of fast food, technology,  and unhealthy habits. One of the factors that contribute to the health risk is pollution.

Air pollution aggravates respiratory diseases. Outdoors, people protect themselves from inhaling air contaminants by wearing face masks. But how about indoors? Do you know that our houses and offices can also have unhealthy air circulation?

To improve the quality of air indoors, whether it be at home or office, people buy an air purifier in Singapore. To learn more about the home air purifier in Singapore, continue reading this article.

Things You Should Look For In A Home Air Purifier in Singapore

Before we go down to the must-have qualities you should look for when you buy an air purifier in Singapore, we must first look for its functions. What is an air purifier?

An air purifier, air cleaner, or air filter is an appliance that improves indoor air quality by removing all impurities in the air, from microscopic dust to bacterias and airborne viruses. Offices, indoor public spaces, and homes include the air cleaner in Singapore in their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Here are the things you should check before purchasing an air filter in Singapore:

High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are filters that effectively trap air impurities as small as 0.3 microns. Impurities with a size of 0.3 microns evade and penetrate the ordinary air filter in Singapore.

HEPA filters consist of multiple layers of twisted glass fibres that act as a web and trap all the particles. HEPA filters are also used in cars and vacuum cleaners.

Not all HEPA filters found in air cleaners have the same filtrating capacity. When you buy an air purifier in Singapore, make sure to look for a (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) MERV rating higher than 17.

There are air cleaners in the stores that use the HEPA tag for marketing. A home cleaner with a MERV rating lower than 17 has HEPA filters that are not as good as True HEPA.

Air Changes Per Hour Rating

Air Changes Per Hour (ACH) Rating refers to the number of air filtration cycles your air cleaner in Singapore does in one hour. The higher the ACH rating your air filter has, the better air quality you have indoors.

Choosing the ACH rating depends on the size of your room. For example, larger rooms like the living room may require a home air purifier in Singapore with an ACH rating of 6 to 8 per hour. Hospital rooms require more frequent cycles per hour to ensure disinfection.

People with allergies may need an air filter in Singapore with a minimum of 4 air filtration cycles per hour.

Houses situated near polluted and industrial areas or people living with pets may also need an air filter with a higher ACH rating to effectively reduce the contaminants in the air.

Clean Air Delivery Rate

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is the measure of the efficiency of the air filter in Singapore in producing clean and healthy air. It determines the effectiveness and efficiency of the air cleaner based on the volume of air it filters per minute and the size of the room.

A home air cleaner in Singapore with a higher CADR value has a greater ability to filtrate the air. For example, an air filter in Singapore with a CADR value of 388 is effective in removing smoke particles from tobacco.

Not all air filters in the market have CADR measurement, as CADR testing is voluntary. Air filters without CADR rating don’t mean they are low-quality. However, it is easier to evaluate which air cleaner to buy in Singapore if the options have a CADR rating.

Active Carbon Filters

Active Carbon Filters are filters that are tasked to remove odours in the air. Active carbon filters use activated charcoal to remove volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Volatile organic compounds are impurities emitted as gasses. These gases usually come from solid and liquid materials.

Volatile organic compounds are harmful to health, especially those that are coming from chemicals and substances. People that are exposed to VOCs often experience headaches, dizziness, and nausea.

Smokers or people living with pets often buy an air purifier in Singapore with active carbon filters to effectively neutralise the odours.

However, activated charcoal is not for removing dust, pollen, dander, and any solid impurities in the air.


Indoor Air Quality Sensors and Indicators

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensors and Indicators are the newest technology added to modern home air filters. IAQ sensors and indicators provide real-time indoor air quality measurements.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensors and Indicators may use sensors to measure the quality of the air based on the suspended air particles the device detects in the room.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensors and Indicators can measure the volume of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in the air using their gas sensors.

People planning to buy an air purifier in Singapore should look for Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Sensors and Indicators.


In reality, people think that indoor air quality in their homes is much better than outdoors. Such confidence can be linked to the fact that allergen, dust, and other impurities circulating in the air are generally invisible to the naked eye; therefore, we feel unthreatened.

Eyes can be deceived, and unhealthy indoor air can aggravate health risks such as allergy and asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases. That is why people should not compensate and ensure healthy indoor air in their homes and offices. Purchasing an air filter in Singapore with these qualities is the best way to improve indoor air circulation.

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