Few Grills Offered By BBQs 2u Are Too Tempting

Those who are barbeque lovers in the UK will certainly know the name of BBQs 2u who have been around since 2002.  BBQs 2u is known for its passion, knowledge, and experience particularly about barbecues and grilling.

BBQs 2u have been selling ovens and grills manufactured by some of the premier names of the UK such as Napoleon barbecue, Kamado Joe, and Ooni Pizza Oven.

Once someone buys any such products from BBQs 2u then they will always receive the best customer support and after-sales service. Three generations of their family have been involved in this business hence one can always expect a much better deal by selecting any of the grills that they are selling now.

A few of the products that BBQs 2u deals with are Premium Ceramic Grills of Kamado Joe UK shop, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, Ooni Pizza Ovens, and Napoleon barbecues. 

Kamado Joe

All Kamado grills may not be the same, Kamado Joe BBQs will feature very high-quality construction and a much better design for creating a more versatile grill, e.g. the revolutionary insert. Of SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber.

Napoleon BBQs

They are known as experts in gas and infrared grilling. One can upgrade their grilling game by using Napoleon grills during this barbeque season. Napoleon will stand out with its advanced grilling features, masterful designs, and engineered performance. 

Premium ceramic grills of Kamado Joe

Some of the features of this grill besides Kamado Joe best price are as follows:


  • Fuel-efficient


Because of the heavy use of ceramic construction, the grills are very fuel-efficient. The thick sides can retain the heat so well, and very little oxygen and charcoal will be consumed that will be perfect for slow cooking enjoyed by diehard grillers throughout the winter season.


  • Versatile cooking methods


Kamado grills have also been designed for accommodating a broad cooking spectrum. A few accessories like a heat deflector can turn it from a certain direct grill to indirect cooker, almost like an oven.

By adding a firebox divider, one can create 2 distinct cooking zones. With various setups and accessories a kamado grill can easily bake, smoke, roast, grill, sear, saute, and much more.  


  • Quality


These grills are designed to perform better and also last longer. That is the simple quality standard that is uncompromising that can drive Kamado Joe – from their design to production. 

The goal of Kamado Joe is very simple – each product that bears its brand name will become a trusted part of an exceptional grilling experience.


  • Innovation


From the very beginning, their focus was on trying to solve problems that others had not done or could not do. Hence, people can always get more out of its grilling. 

The team of people in Kamado Joe is highly committed and clear about everything right from the features of the grills to even the size of charcoal.  

There will be enough comments and reviews on these products available on various social networks like Instagram and YouTube. By visiting these social networks sites one can get a lot of information about these products. 

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