Drink and Cocktail Trends For 2020

When a new trend is introduced, it is not unusual for these trends to excel themselves across the world, and cocktail trends are no exception. From the rise of extremely instagrammable cocktails, to canned cocktails and even non-alcoholic “cocktails”, the trends we see are always changing.

In the hospitality and alcohol industry, trends can range from the look, flavours, packaging and alcohol type, including non-alcoholic beverages.

Looking to the year ahead, we can already see some 2020 trends emerging. We can see that people have started embracing local products and have become more experimental. The most talked-about trend so far in 2020 is canned cocktails.

Here in this article, we are looking into the cocktail trends that seem to be emerging in 2020.

Canned Cocktails

Canned cocktailsare looking to be the next big trend in 2020. Looking from the customer’s perspective, canned cocktails have become a game-changer. Individuals will no longer have to buy whole bottles of spirits and mixer to a make a cocktails for themselves. Party lovers can also take these cocktails in a can to beach, pool, or an outdoor party.

Canned cocktails are also becoming extremely popular in 2020 because they areenvironmentallyfriendly. The aluminum cans are better for the environment, require less packaging to move around, and, most importantly, are a loteasier to recycle.

Canned cocktails can also be beneficial for anyone to control serving sizes and how many standard drinks they are consuming.

No Alcohol or Low Alcohol Cocktails

As of now, low and no alcohol cocktails are projected to become a trend this year. Consumers are demanding less boozy cocktails and most bars are already taking notice of this. With that they have started including low alcohol cocktails and more mocktailson their menus.

However, making non-alcoholic cocktails requires a better and more in-depth understanding of each of the ingredients used in the drink. The culture of over-drinking is changing, and modern adults are becoming more health-conscious and financially conscious. On a day out wenow want to drink and spend less and the answer to this is low or non-alcoholic cocktails.

New Takes on Coffee

Coffee is something that never goes out of fashion, most people love their coffee; some people don’t even start their day without a cup of coffee. But over the last couple of year a new take on coffee has been introduced. Coffee is now, not only a morning drink but also the party starter.

The Espresso Martini is currently on of the most popular drinks in Australia. It has the kick of coffee paired vodka, which makes it the perfect boost to start a celebration no matter if it is just a happy hour or a more special occasion.

Local Ingredients

Anything related tolocal and fresh ingredients has recently become the top trend in many industries, hospitality being one of them. Customers want both food and cocktails made from freshly grown and local ingredients.

They want their cocktails to be inspired by the local environment, fruits and herbs. The use of more locally produced spirits and locally grown ingredients is a cocktail trend that will continue through 2020.

Enjoying Better Drinks in Weirder Places

In today’s society everyone is too busy and spend too much time at work. After a long day, all we want to do is relax and go for a drink but not somewhere too crowded or too noisy, as we deal with enough of this at work. Instead, we want to have a drink and spend time with our close friends in a more peaceful environment.

This trend has helped to excel the canned cocktails trend as people can easily take bar quality drinks with them to quieter spaces, rather than crowded clubs & bars.

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