Dealing With Cancer: How To Prepare For A Cancer Treatment In Singapore?


 No matter how many years have passed, the most valuable thing a person can possess is their health. It outweighs all the wealth and assets in the world since it is something that no one can purchase but something to take good care of to keep. Unfortunately, life is unfair as it sometimes goes against one’s expectations and dreams. Instead of living life without worrying about anything, it gives everyone something to overcome. World Cancer Research Fund International has found that there are around 18.1 million cancer cases worldwide. These people will need to see an oncology doctor for the entire duration of their cancer treatment.

Whether you have prostate or lung cancer, getting treatment in Singapore or the place of your choice is a must. You should know that cancer is a disease that can get worse over time if left untreated.

Here are some tips to take note of to help you get ready for upcoming cancer treatment with an oncology doctor.

11 Tips Preparing For A Cancer Treatment In Singapore

1.  Take a Close Look at Your Place

Whatever type of cancer you have, the outcome of cancer treatment is the same. You might feel weak and nauseous after getting radiation therapy done by an oncologist in Singapore.

Since you will mostly spend your time at home recovering, ensure you have everything you need within your reach. That way, you no longer have to walk far when you need to eat, change clothes, or take your medication.

2.  Pack Smart And Keep Your Comfort Your Priority

Even though radiation therapy only lasts for ten to thirty minutes per session, you might have to stay at the hospital or clinic for a day or two until your body can stand without wobbling.

A day or two may seem short, but waiting for yourself to recover can be boring. In that case, consider bringing some entertainment to keep you company like books, calming music, and some clothes.

3.  Expect Changes In Your Appearance

Besides feeling nauseous, experiencing hair loss and vomiting are also side effects you can encounter. You will notice the changes in your appearance over time, like thinning your hair and losing weight.

But no matter how much your appearance changes, you should look at the greener side of the grass. Going through prostate cancer treatment in Singapore can help eliminate the cancer cells in your body.

4.  Keep A Daily Journal

Writing down everything that is going on during your cancer treatment can help you understand your situation more. You should be aware that reading affects cognitive capacities differently because it enables you to consider numerous viewpoints.


Keeping a daily journal also allows you to note down the questions you have in mind. It can also serve as a cheatsheet whenever you forget what you should ask your radiation oncologist in Singapore.

5.  Ask Someone To Be A Companion

They can be your family member or friend you can trust, and you know that they will be willing to take good care of you throughout your cancer treatment.

When you find someone who can be your companion, you should explain to them your condition. If they know your situation, the more they can help you and understand why you need their help.

6.  Ask An Oncology Doctor About The Best And Worst Cases Scenario

While it is true that the internet has almost everything, you cannot guarantee that every text and image is correct. Since you are not a cancer doctor in Singapore, it is only natural that you do not know what exactly will have you when you undergo cancer treatment.


To help you prepare, you should go directly to your oncology doctor because they know more about your condition and health than you do.

7.  Educate Yourself

Apart from asking a cancer doctor, you can also educate yourself by doing your research. Once you have found a study, consider conforming its content to your radiation oncologistso they can explain everything written in layman’s terms.

8.  Be Proactive

Throughout your cancer treatment, you should stay proactive. Besides sharing your medical record and list of medications with your cancer doctor, update them about what you feel and follow up what is your radiation therapy session.

9.  Prepare Emergency Contacts

Since life can go against one’s expectations, you have to be ready for the least unexpected thing that can happen. Consider keeping a list of emergency contacts, especially if you are getting treated abroad so your oncology doctor will know who they could call.

When preparing for emergency contacts, list down the phone number, email, and your relationship with them. That way, your oncology doctor will understand how they should address them during the call.

10.              Reach Out For More Additional Support

Besides your family and friends, cancer patients are the other additional support you can reach out to when you want to learn more about cancer.

While it is true that cancer treatment is on a case-to-case basis, knowing the circumstances of others can give hope to one person.

11.              Stop Smoking And Alcohol Intake

These vices might help you with your stress and anxiety but doing them can cause more harm than good. If you continue smoking and drinking alcohol, it will be harder to eliminate the cancer cells in the body.

Live On And Be Brave To Deal With Cancer.

Whether prostate or cervical, the road to cancer treatment in Singapore is not that easy. It is a case-to-case basis since it highly depends on the human body. Thus, live on and be brave to deal with cancer by getting ready for cancer treatment.

Get in touch with Dr Johann Tang – Radiation Oncologist in Singapore, at +65 6690 6811 if you have questions about the procedure or how a cancer doctor in Singapore can help you.



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