CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Anxiety

It’s normal to want to feel better as quickly as possible if you’re suffering from anxiety. When it comes to anxiety, many people choose cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). But how long would it take to get through the treatment? When considering treatment, it’s a question that many individuals have.

What Factors Influence the Length of Treatment with CBT?

6 to 24 sessions are suggested for effective therapy according to the government’s mental health recommendations. When utilizing CBT for anxiety, there are a few factors that can determine how many sessions you’ll require. There will, however, be differences because each person is unique. A person with severe anxiety may feel better sooner than expected due to influencing circumstances, whereas a person with mild anxiety may need more support.

The Degree of Anxiety

The level of your anxiety is the most typical determinant of how many cognitive behavioral therapy sessions you’ll require. There are three types of anxiety severity:

  1. Mild Anxiety

This is characterized by short-term bouts of anxiety in reaction to certain stimuli. Anxiety symptoms are unpleasant but treatable, and panic attacks may or may not occur. The sufferer’s anxiety does not prohibit them from going about their daily lives, but it may force them to avoid specific circumstances in order to avoid distress.

  1. Moderate Anxiety

When anxiety attacks happen more regularly in everyday life then panic attacks are possible. Specific trigger situations might cause anxiety. Sufferers may also have an underlying sense of general uneasiness that isn’t tied to anything in particular but lasts for several hours or more. Sufferers can still go about their daily lives, but their anxiety can cause them to avoid situations or difficulties that they should address.

  1. Severe Anxiety

This is when anxiety is prevalent on a daily basis, with panic attacks frequently occurring. Sufferers may find managing their day-to-day lives incredibly tough. Severe anxiety might keep individuals from completing vital tasks and, in the worst-case scenario, from working, having healthy relationships, participating in social activities, and leading a regular life.

Mild Anxiety: How Long Does CBT Take?

A modest anxiety presentation may just require 3 to 12 sessions to be treated. CBT therapy by itself can help you understand your anxiety and develop appropriate coping mechanisms. Individual sessions at Mallard Lake Detox Center are 50 minutes in length. Meetings are normally held once a week, at the same time and on the same day, as this has proven to be the most efficient arrangement.

Moderate Anxiety: How Long Does CBT Take?

CBT may be effective in treating moderate anxiety with only six to 24 sessions. Some people may require a little more time, such as those who have had symptoms for several years before seeking treatment. CBT therapy can be limited in its ability to assist sufferers comprehend and address the underlying root causes of anxiety when treating mild anxiety.

Severe Anxiety: How Long Does CBT Take?

To cure severe anxiety, a minimum of 24 CBT sessions may be required. Some people heal faster than others, and some people may need 48 or more CBT sessions along with other therapies to address the underlying reasons of anxiety. Because root reasons are always a factor in the maintenance of severe anxiety, the best results can be achieved if the therapy addresses them. It may be feasible to achieve more successful and long-term transformation by incorporating other therapeutic modalities alongside CBT.

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