Basics of blackjack

Blackjack is a game, which is played by a maximum of seven players. People can play the game in land-based casinos but now online blackjack has also become popular. The aim of the game is to defeat the dealer and win the bet. The players and the dealer receive cards whose sum should be equal to or close to 21. If the sum of the card of the player exceeds to that of the dealer, the player is declared as winner. Let us know about the basics of the game.

Value of cards

The value of cards are same as their face value but when it comes, to J, Q, K, and ace, then people should know that The value of J, Q, K, is ten and the value of ace is eleven or one. When the cards are dealt and a player receives an ace, its value is eleven. If there are chances that after drawing the one or more cards, the value exceeds 21, the value of ace is considered as one.

Value of chips

Casinos do not allow the people to use cash to play the game. People need to buy chips in order to play the game. Here are the chips with their color and value

  • White chips cost Rs. 1
  • Red chips cost Rs. 5
  • Green chips cost Rs. 25
  • Black chips cost Rs. 100
  • Purple chips cost Rs. 500
  • Orange chips cost Rs. 1,000

The value of chips varies in online casinos. The chips are given different names. Nickels is the name given to the red chips while the green ones are called quarters. Purple chips are called Barneys while orange chips are known as pumpkins.

Decks and their number

People usually use six to eight decks but it depends on the type of casino in which players are playing. If the number of decks is small, getting a blackjack is easy. Addition of more decks decreases the chances of getting blackjack.

Types of hand

There are two types of hands in this game, which are hard and soft. When players get ace in their card, the value of ace is 11 and if the ace is used in the hand, it is called soft hand. If the sum of the cards having an ace exceeds 21, the value of ace is reverted to one and this is called hard hand.


If the sum of the card exceeds 21, the player is said to have busted. If one of the cards is ace, then its value is converted to one and the player will be saved from bust.

Placement of bets

Players need to place the bets before the card is being dealt. After the placing of the bets, two cards are dealt to each player. The card is dealt one at a time.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the basic things that people must know about blackjack. These basic rules must be followed by each player. People can play the game online or offline and enjoy winning a lot of money. These rules will help the players to become master of the game but they also need to make strategies before taking any action.

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