5 Party & Balloon Decoration Ideas for Events in Singapore

You can use several ideas to decorate any venue for a party aside from balloon arches. Your decorations should be hardy, versatile and lively while being inexpensive. Here are a few decorations you can implement when you prepare for your party.

#1 Streamers

You can buy various streamer decorations at stores in different styles for every occasion. You can also DIY them for a more personal touch. Most people hung streamers all over or above the buffet and dessert tables of their venue in Singapore.

#2 Confetti-Filled Balloons

Confetti and balloons are essential for every party. Put them together to make fantastic party decorations. Many specialty shops offer various styles and arrangements of balloon decoration ideas for events in Singapore. They will make great partners for every party you may hold.

#3 Table Toppers

Table toppers can be anything from flowers to balloons. Balloons lend a festive touch to centrepieces and plain tablecloths. They combine well with any theme and may pair with specific party colours. You can order helium balloons from shops in Singapore to create floating arrangements or to give a splash of colour to table centrepieces.

#4 Balloon Garlands

Planning a party is an excellent opportunity to be inventive. One of the most common balloon decoration ideas in Singapore and abroad is using beautiful balloon garlands to string along walls. They can help prevent your walls from looking bland and empty, aside from garlands and tassels.

#5 Balloon Arches

Balloon arches provide colour to any environment. It can convert a plain space into a bright work of art. They may be used to frame your head table or to cover a doorway.

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