5 Hair Removal Tips for Sensitive Body Parts

Some common issues related to body hair removal are no secret, such as cuts while shaving, having ingrown hair and razor burn. To reduce the likelihood of experiencing such issues, you first need to understand the outs and ins of hair removal, especially in sensitive areas like the bikini line. This will ensure a satisfying experience.

You might even want to use different methods for different body parts, such as wax strips for underarms and depilatory creams for the legs. Whichever method you choose, here are some tips to help you have a smooth experience.

  1. Shaving

If you are planning an easy home hair removal session, you should remember to choose the shaving tools, otherwise you could end up with cuts and razor burns. There are razors specifically made for women’s hair removal. These are not identical to the razors men use. Also, remember to keep your skin well hydrated through the process. For instance, a warm water bath will hydrate your skin and the hair, making it easier to shave off.

  1. Sugaring

Sugaring is another method, similar to waxing, but uses natural ingredients so that there are lower chances of skin irritation. Hot wax can be dangerous if handled by amateurs. So, it is best to choose the best wax strips for DIY hair removal. Sugaring allows hair shorter than ¼ inch to be pulled out naturally, with less painful and less irritating. 

  1. Lasers/IPLs

Lasers target the pigment follicles to disable them and mostly all you feel during this treatment is some heat and snapping against your skin. If you have sensitive skin, redness and swelling might occur after the treatment. So, remember to do a patch test even if you have received the treatment before. If it’s your first time receiving this treatment, remember to tell the professional that you have sensitive skin at the beginning of the process.

  1. Electrolysis

People who have very sensitive skin might face skin irritation with shaving, waxing and depilatory creams. Electrolysis is an FDA approved method for permanent hair removal. Electric current is used for this and all types of hair can be removed with this method. However, there will be some discomfort during the process and it can sometimes be painful too. So, a topical anesthetic is often advised. This might not be the best option for bikini hair removal.

  1. Waxing

One of the things people don’t take into account is if the hair is not long enough, waxing can be more painful. Exfoliation prior to the session can help. A pro-tip is to not get waxed during or around your periods, since your skin could be extra sensitive during this time of the month. Also, be sure to use the best wax strips for a satisfactory experience. 

So, see what suits best for you and pick the method you are most comfortable. Another pro-tip is that depilatory creams re not made for sensitive areas in your body, so refrain using them for the bikini line and you are good to go.

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