3 Tips To Get the Most Out of Your Balboa Island Vacation

Each year, thousands of vacationers flock to Balboa Island to soak up the sun and get a taste of the coastal lifestyle. With beautiful beaches and a wide array of activities, it’s easy to make the most out of your Balboa Island vacation.

  1. Live Like a Local

While the island doesn’t have many hotels, it’s easy to live like a local in short term rental properties Balboa Island. With a vacation rental, you can stay in a residential area and enjoy the comforts of home while avoiding tourist traps and hotel fees. Rentals are also a great option for groups of all sizes that want to stay together. Whatever your space and amenity needs, vacation rentals allow you to live the island life authentically.

  1. Clock Plenty of Beach Time

This one may seem obvious, but the beach should be the focal point of any vacation to Balboa Island. There’s a beach activity to satisfy any personality. Those who enjoy water sports can partake in paddleboarding, kayaking or beach volleyball, while beachgoers who want to relax can kick back on a towel or chair and read by the ocean. A paved walkway that circles the island also allows visitors to get exercise while enjoying the waterfront.

  1. Explore the Peninsula 

Balboa Island is just a short ferry ride to Balboa Peninsula’s unique recreational, shopping and dining options. The Balboa Fun Zone is the perfect spot for the whole family, with arcades, rides and carnival games. Visit the Wedge, a well-known surf spot, to watch the surfers or try to catch a wave of your own, or catch the sunset at West Jetty View Park for spectacular views. The peninsula also offers unique restaurants, including Vietnamese, vegetarian, and Mexican options.

If you stay in a vacation rental, enjoy the water, and explore all the area has to offer, your Balboa Island vacation will be one to remember.

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