Gluten Free Grocery is Now Open on Townsend Street!

Gluten Free Grocery’s new neighbors include an Italian deli, a guitar shop and a brand new parklet.

By Nellie Tran

While you’re checking out the new parklet on Townsend Street, be sure to make a stop into the new grocery next to it called Gluten Free Grocery (234 Townsend St.). As their name suggests, they carry food items made for those with gluten and other food sensitivities, but they also appeal to anyone who appreciates high quality, healthy, and locally sourced food products.

The 1,300 sq. ft. store is uniquely and artfully decorated with eclectic touches such as a couple of Lucky Cat statues and orchid blossoms.

Some of the items they carry are gluten-free ravioli pasta from Iamori of Hollister, California and gluten-free soufflé cheesecakes from Apiece Desserts of San Francisco. They also carry an eclectic assortment of ethnic foods including Vietnamese rice noodles and Jewish matzo crackers.

What’s really great is that you can go in there and if you are confused about how to cook or use a certain product (I am still not quite sure what tempeh is), they will tell you how you to prepare it and will even help you plan a whole meal according to your preferences and sensitivities.

The retail space that GFG moved into was previously occupied by interior design firm Modern Spaces. The proprietors Calvin Chin and Topher Delaney moved the grocery from its former location in Potrero Hill so that they could better reach and serve the community.

Gluten-free cheesecakes from Apiece are some of their many locally sourced offerings.

Although they’ve been open for only a few days now, they’ve already received an enthusiastic welcome from neighbors, especially the local techies who work nearby. Calvin has said of the clientele, “I don’t know what it is about Ritch Street, but Ritch Street has a really high-density of people who are gluten-free.”

Well, whether I am gluten-free or not, I think there is much to like about this cute little grocery on Townsend Street. And I think I just might finally learn how to prepare tempeh.

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