De La SouL – A New Place to Get Your Soul Food Fix!

By Nellie Tran

There’s a new place in town to satisfy your cravings for finger-lickin’ crispy and hot chicken & waffles.  De La SouL 7th Street Bistro (525 Seventh St.), in the former location of 7th Street Cafe is offering both lunch and dinner with a Creole and Cajun menu.  For those of you too busy to leave your desk (or like me, too lazy to leave your futon), they will deliver within a 1-mile radius and with a $20 minimum order. They will also offer alcoholic beverages and happy hours once they receive their liquor license.

Although they’re still putting on the finishing touches to their restaurant space and awaiting their storefront signage, they are already serving food.  They had their soft opening a couple of weeks back and will have a Grand Opening at some point, the date TBD.

I had the opportunity to speak with Gail, one of the proprietors of the restaurant. She said that so far, their chicken and waffles has been popular.  Although they originally intended their jambalaya and gumbo to be the main attractions, the dishes have not been in much demand because of the longer preparation time.  A lot of patrons so far have been local techies who need a fast lunch in a limited amount of time.  She says, “We’re soul food and comfort food.  If you need comfort food and don’t have time, call us.”

For more information, check out their website.


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