A Pair of Restaurant Closures in South of Market

A pair of restaurant/bars in the downtown portion of the South of Market neighborhood have apparently called it quits.

Both Eddie Rickenbackers (133 Second St.) and The Cosmopolitan (121 Spear St.) have closed their doors within the past couple of weeks.

While I looked for further details, the only thing I found is a note in the window of Eddie’s, announcing that they will be reopening at the end of June under new ownership.

A Note in Eddie Rickenbacker's Window...

The Cosmopolitan has yet to do anything but set their Open Table Reservation listing to “This Restaurant Is Currently Unavailable.” But I have a friend who was recently visiting from the East Coast to attend a small wedding reception at the Cosmopolitan, and the wedding party had to make a last minute change because the restaurant closed. (They moved the reception to Paragon.)

While I never spent much time at either location, it’s always a shame to see businesses go under. Especially in the downtown area which sees a lot of foot traffic during the week.

Here’s to hoping the next owners/businesses that pop up have more success.


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