The Bay Lights Gaining Traction, Moving Closer to Funding Goal… [Video]

The past few weeks have completely blown by me as there have been a number of huge developments involving projects that I have my hand in. I’m finally getting a little time to catch my breath, and there are some updates that I should probably share with you.

First and foremost, the Bay Lights Project  has made some significant progress on their donation path, picking up a $3 Million matching grant from a single anonymous donor.

Here’s the most recent update from the Bay Lights Causes Page:

THE BAY LIGHTS is the honored recipient of a $3 Million challenge grant from an anonymous donor. EVERY DOLLAR you pledge will be matched by this generous bay area resident. We need your help to bring THE BAY LIGHTS to life!

Over 200 people from various private and nonprofit organizations are already working collaboratively to see this project through to fruition. And a cultural alliance has been forged with some of the Bay Area’s most creative organizations including:


Berkeley Center for New Media

Black Rock City LLC


Friends of the Gateway (FOG)


Maker Faire




ZERO1: The Art and Technology Network


and YOU!

The total budget for THE BAY LIGHTS is $7M and we are half way there! With the challenge grant, you can double your donation. HELP US MEET THE CHALLENGE!

This grassroots effort is a vital component of our massive fund-raising efforts. Historic patronage is required for THE BAY LIGHTS to be realized, we hope you’ll join us to light up the bridge!

In actuality, they are more than half-way there with the addition of this matching grant because they have raised over $4 Million thus far. As the note says, any donation, no matter how small, will be instantly doubled by the grant, so anyone out there who is really into the concept, you may want to throw your spare change into the mix.

I’ve also been on hand for a few of their Community Outreach presentations, and I’m just amazed at how many people seem to get excited when they hear about this project. It truly will change the face of our community, and that of the greater Bay Area.

Speaking of support, did you notice the last listed supporter before “YOU”? Legendary Environmental Landscape Artist, Christo, has caught wind of the project and thrown a letter of support into the mix.

Click to enlarge...

Pretty cool. Although not nearly as cool as the two year installment of the Bay Lights finally flipping the “on” switch this October. Oh, and I hear there will be a documentary about the project, and all of the many hoops they had to jump through to install 25,000 LED lights on the side of the Bay Bridge. And you thought getting a new dog park was a pain in the ass!

We’ll continue to update you on the Bay Lights Project. For more information, or to get involved, check out their page on


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5 thoughts on “The Bay Lights Gaining Traction, Moving Closer to Funding Goal… [Video]

  1. Wonder if Larry Ellison is the “anonymous” big matching donor. Seems this installation would dovetail nicely with his World Cup Sailing event.

  2. Yeah, I wish I knew. I have heard that both the America’s Cup and the Golden Gate Bridge have been apprehensive about the project because they feel it might shine a light (no pun intended) away from both of their respective events (the GGB also turns 75 this year). But I personally think it would be a great thing for the City, and more importantly for the City’s economy. Besides, it’s the only one of these events that will be happening at night.

  3. If it’s all private money I honestly don’t see much downside, assuming it’s attractive and artful, and not advertising. Can’t see how it could compete with another attraction, that notion seems silly and NIMBYesque.

  4. Yeah, it’s all funded through donation, but they do obviously have to get permission from all sorts of folks (the supes, the mayor, caltrans just to name a few). I think it will be awesome, and I think it will get done.

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