A New Restaurant Will Soon Round Out a New Culinary Hot Block on Folsom

It may not look like much, but I received a random phone call a couple of weeks ago from the new occupants at 858 Folsom Street, and it appears that there will soon be a new addition to the fine-dining block between Fourth and Fifth.

According to the call a new restaurant named Jamber- with an emphasis on local beer and wine- will be opening in the coming months. Unfortunately, it was just an introductory call, so there isn’t much more info at this point.

A Culinary Map of Folsom Between 4th and 5th SOMA

It’s a great excuse to take a look at this block, though. Over the past year or so it has become quite the culinary-destination. Who knew that Folsom between Fourth and Fifth would become the starting point for the trending Folsom Street corridor, which is slated to become South of Market’s “strip” for dining and entertainment sometime in the next decade or two?

Not that it isn’t already well on its way to achieving that title with all of the great restaurants and bars that have been moving in over the past few years, but I think it will take some time before the City gets off its butt and makes it a two-way, pedestrian-friendly street.

A portion of Folsom Street, between 6th and 10th Streets, has been designated a Neighborhood Commercial Transit-oriented district (NCT) in the Western SoMa Community Plan. This would be the “ceremonial center” of the neighborhood. Historically, many small businesses have tended to give up and relocate after only a few years on Folsom Street as traffic rushes past headed towards the freeways and bridges. An NCT would be a more walkable and safe pedestrian-oriented street. By focusing new residential construction in areas where housing is already clustered, small businesses would benefit from the “critical mass” of residents that would better sustain them.

(You can read the whole post over at the SOMA Leadership Website here.)

We’ll keep you posted as more info becomes available about Jamber.


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3 thoughts on “A New Restaurant Will Soon Round Out a New Culinary Hot Block on Folsom

  1. I live right close by and it’s great that another place is opening, but slightly off topic, I really can’t understand how making Folsom a two way street is in any way going to make it more pedestrian friendly. For the most part, I think it’s fine, and in fact, it being one way makes it easier to jaywalk (not that *I* do…). So I’m glad that it’s going to take some time before (if) it becomes two-way.

  2. Zine,
    You have a point. Will making Folsom Street two way make it more pedestrian-friendly in and of itself? Probably not. I think in the larger plan, they have a number of different factors in play to do this, though I’ll be honest, I’m not completely versed in the plan (I really try to stay out of political headaches as mush as possible for my own sanity).
    If you think about some of the other corridors that are two way streets around the city, I think it depends on how the street is laid out. For instance, Columbus Street in North Beach is not all that Pedestrian Friendly, but if you head over to Polk Street in Russian Hill, I feel like it’s much safer to walk around there.
    Ultimately, it might have to do with how many lanes of traffic there are versus whether it’s one or multi-directional traffic. And as long as there’s a major highway running parallel to Folsom just a couple blocks away, it might be difficult to alter. I guess we’ll find out!

  3. Not sure what they intend, but this pedestrian friendly stuff often includes a center island of some sort, if even just a narrow curb strip with some Pythonesque “shrubbery.”

    I welcome it. Standing by. Small stuff moves slowly in SoMA. Big jobs move fast.

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