Reader Question: What’s With Those Big Cranes Towering Over SOMA?

I’ve noticed over the past month or so that there have been two gigantic cranes working all day (and illuminating a bright logo on top at night) over on Folsom Street. You can pretty much see them from almost anywhere in SOMA. But it wasn’t until we received a reader question about it that I decided to actually get off my ass and take a look.

Hey LiveSOMA,

Have you noticed those two giant cranes towering over SOMA near Folsom Street? Any idea what’s going on over there?

Well, obviously, there is some sort of construction/renovation.

680 Folsom Street - Click to enlarge.

But after looking into it, it turns out those cranes are working to rehabilitate the space at 680 Folsom, in part, for the arrival of Riverbed Technologies’ new headquarters.

According to this post on SFGate last week, Riverbed has committed to a ten year lease in this new space, which is much larger than their former headquarters.

The business has signed a nearly 170,000-square-foot lease, taking over five floors and expanding by more than 60 percent over its current space at 199 Fremont St. Riverbed, which develops products that improve internal business networks, has agreed to a 10-year lease and is expected to move into the building in 2014.

Sounds like they might need to add a couple more restaurants, or at least lunch time options over here. For some reason, whenever I walk around there, it seems like there’s not much to choose from (aside from a Quiznos and maybe Zare at Fly Trap). Definitely not enough to accommodate the addition of presumably a couple of thousand new employees over the next few years. And that’s only at Riverbed. That last part is absolutely untrue (as indicated in the comments). For some reason, I didn’t even think about Third Street. I still would love to see more restaurants down on that part of Folsom Street though.


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3 thoughts on “Reader Question: What’s With Those Big Cranes Towering Over SOMA?

  1. That area is actually chock full of restaurants and lunch spots. Across the street are two Thai restaurants, Osha Thai and Cha am Thai), Chaat Cafe (indian),What’s up dog (hot dogs), Piazza (pasta), Canton, (Chinese buffet/dim sum), a bagel/coffee joint, and more. On the backside down Hawthorne to Howard are Fang, Chevy”s, Thristy Bear, Starbucks, the newly named place in the W and Benu. That’s just that block. The Metreon is just a block away. Westfield two blocks.

  2. You know what? You’re absolutely right. I don’t know why, but my brain only focused on the one direction over towards Second Street. Perhaps it’s because that’s the direction Folsom Street takes traffic, or perhaps I just had a brain fart. I have been under the weather lately. Sorry.

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