SOMA strEAT Food Park Set for Groundbreaking Today!

South of Market is set to become the home of a bold, new street food project that’s breaking ground today. I’ve been hearing about this strEAT Food Park (428 Eleventh St.) for nearly a year, but owner Carlos Muela has been bogged down in that good ole San Francisco permitting process.

Basically, think ‘Off the Grid’, full time in a designated parking lot that is designed to house multiple food trucks, outdoor tables and even some covered seating for those not-so-dry winter days. I’ve also heard there is a plan that will involve some sort of stage for live music and performances.

According to Jonathan Kaufman’s recent post at SFWeekly, the ‘full time’ concept has evolved as many of the local food trucks prefer to be mobile.

Muela says he originally envisioned the park as a seven-day-a-week home for permanently parked trucks — again, like Portland — but San Francisco truck owners told him they’d be more interested if they could work it into their rotation of regular appearances, much like the smaller Truck Stop near First and Mission, which hosts three trucks a day.

At this point, Kaufman mentions that the food park will be open for lunch and dinner shifts as they have not yet been permitted with a late night option. I’m assuming that will all change if/when Entertainment Commissioner, Glendon Hyde crams his new Eleventh Street Entertainment Policy down our throats. But that’s an entirely different post.

Location of the New strEAT Food Park

Expect the new strEAT Food Park to open its gates by the end of Spring/early Summer. We’ll keep you posted.

*Photos Courtesy of Carlos Muela


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4 thoughts on “SOMA strEAT Food Park Set for Groundbreaking Today!

  1. I hope they do a better job keeping up the property than the space on Ritch street between Bryant and Brannan. Seems like they would clean the lot more frequently than they do.

  2. Do you mean that space over where the Rib Whip is located? I think these properties are unrelated, and I’m not sure of the messy situation over there, but I agree, you would think these lots would be properly maintained according to health codes. Though I wonder what the health code situation is for these types of lots.

  3. This is SO AWESOME!!! I live just close enough. My dog is going to love it too. This has been wasted space for SO long. I wondered what was up when they finally moved out all the U-Haul trucks.

    BRING IT!!!

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