Announcing the Return of Moya Ethiopian Cafe!!!

Back in early May, a nasty four-alarm fire destroyed a Single Room Occupancy Hotel at 1044 Folsom Street (you can read our coverage from that event here). In addition to displacing nearly 100 residents, the fire also destroyed one of my favorite local restaurants, Moya Ethiopian Restaurant and Coffeehouse on the ground floor.

We’ve kept close tabs on Moya– practically begging them to return to the neighborhood- and earlier this week, my prayers were answered in the form of an email from the owner:

Hi LiveSOMA,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to let you know that we’ve signed a lease for the space at 121 9th on the corner of Minna. We’ll hopefully begin construction this week, and we hope to have it complete and ready to open by December 1st.

I haven’t put up any signage yet, but I plan to do so this evening.

We’ll be keeping the name Moya, but we plan to offer fresh, locally roasted coffee, tea, pastries, and fresh artisan sandwiches and salads in addition to our special Ethiopian selection. We’ll also be offering beer and wine at this new location!

We’re really excited about this new project, and I just wanted to let you know first because we really appreciate the exposure you’ve given us since we began the original Moya project almost 2 years ago.



While I find it hard to believe that they’ll be able to get all of the construction on an empty storefront done in just over a month, I am completely ecstatic about this news. Add to that the addition of wine and beer (their former landlord was a practicing Muslim and therefore would not allow alcohol on the premise) to their menu and my only complaint is that they’re moving further away from my apartment!

I managed to swing by their new location the other day to take a look. There’s not much going on over there as of yet, but I’ll post some photos below. It looks like a much newer, previously unused building than the one they were formerly located in, so that may help expedite the construction build-out. You can read our review of the Original Moya here.

We’ll keep you posted on their resurgence here.


Here Are Some Additional Photos of Moya’s New Location:

New/Future Moya Exterior - 121 Ninth Street

Empty Moya Interior - 121 Ninth Street

Moya Empty Interior - 121 Ninth Street


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3 thoughts on “Announcing the Return of Moya Ethiopian Cafe!!!

  1. Wooo! I’ve been missing the food and friendly smiles of Moya and am happy to see they’re surviving!

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