Lucky Strike on King Street: Bowling by Spring

For those of you wondering what’s going on with Lucky Strike Lanes (200 King St.), we’ve got you covered.

It’s been nearly three months since they began official construction on the new bowling alley, but if you’ve walked by and peered in the window, you probably noticed they haven’t done much of anything. That’s not to say they haven’t done anything, you just haven’t noticed.

According to an email we received over the weekend, the Beacon Commercial Owners Association has released the construction schedule for Lucky Strike, and it appears that they plan to be completed by mid to late February.

Though much of the schedule features key targets that are pretty much relevant to architects and construction workers (and probably the residents of the Beacon who live above), you can see our hastily remade schedule that points out when the actual lanes will be added (mid-December into January), as well as the exterior storefront modifications (mid-December).

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The bowling lanes appear to take about 30 days to install, but the rest of the process fills in the four month itinerary. If all goes well, they believe it will be completed by February 20th. I guess ask for a new bowling ball for Christmas so you can hit the lanes on opening day?


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6 thoughts on “Lucky Strike on King Street: Bowling by Spring

  1. Looking forward to it, but I’m concerned the pricing will be high. If the other locations are any guide, it appears they charge c. $8 per game during prime time. That gets real expensive really fast.

    Hopefully they do a deal like they do in Seattle, Monday nights all you can bowl, including shoe rentals for $15. But I’m not holding my breath for that one.

    Menu looks to be at least edible, I would likely be a Happy Hour patron if they offer the right incentives, (READ: CHEAP pitchers of GOOD beer, with hourly lane rental and food deals.)

    Hoping for attentive management who has their finger on the pulse… (Go MiniBar!)

  2. I’ve been to a couple Lucky Strike locations, and while they are fun and way more posh than your traditional bowling alley, one thing they are not is cheap. Especially on weekend nights. Four people could easily drop $200 on bowling, drinks, and a couple appetizers over a two hour period on a Saturday evening.

    Definitely not the AMF lanes of my childhood! But definitely more date-friendly if you and/or your date are the type of people who care how much money is being spent on said date.

  3. See…, there’s your trouble… $200 for bowling?!!! HOW BOURGEOIS!!! ;^)

    (Bourgeois is the LiveSoMA Word-o’-the-Week™ BTW.)

  4. That guy? He hates this site so much that he spends a lot of time going from post to post claiming unfounded hate rhetoric. I should thank him for the added traffic. I guess $200 bowling is probably racist too though.

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