Caffe Moda Appears Close to (Re)Opening in SOMA…

I was over on Seventh Street the other day, and I stumbled upon this new Cafe that appears to be close to opening. Turns out, Caffe Moda (160 Seventh St.) is actually an old staple of the “Sega Building”, a.k.a. Townsend Center (699 Eighth St.), and they have spent the last year or so relocating to this exclusive location, complete with a street entrance!

I’ll admit, I’m not that familiar with the innards of the Townsend Center, and therefore have never heard of Caffe Moda, but according to their (not too recently updated) website:

We have been providing San Francisco South-Market area with quality food creations since 1991. Good food, fair prices fast and friendly service, that’s why Caffe Moda has been a favorite amongst locals and visitors. Our menu offerings have been expanded with additional leadership since 2007. As such, our customers have been enjoying newly introduced items including Panini’s, melts sandwiches, fruit smoothies, and gourmet coffees.

As a side note, their old location menu (View Their Old Menu Here) does feature fair prices on breakfast sandwiches and pastries (under $5), and lunch sandwiches and salads ($6 – $10). It remains to be seen what the prices will be when they open this location. I did manage to take a peek through the blinds in the window and could make out the wall menu, and it seemed to me that the prices may even be slightly cheaper in this non-office building part of town.

Their Yelp page rocks a 3.5 star average, which seems pretty decent for an office cafe.

Their best review (5 Stars) on 4/17/2009:

Most of the staff there have been at Caffe Moda for many, many years, and are quite friendly.  They’re the kind of people that will remember you and what your regular orders are after a few visits.

I hate the 5-star system of rating because, of course, “as good as it gets” means different things to different people.  So, let me clarify: for what it is – a cafe catering to the working set, this is as good as it gets.  Slanted Door or Ruth Chriss Steakhouse it is not.  But, for the kind of place to grab an inexpensive but nice sandwich or salad, especially for the working crowd looking for a bit of variety in the daily routine, Caffe Moda is just the ticket.

Their Worst Review (2 Stars) on 11/25/2009:

I decided to try out Caffe Moda because it is close to where I currently work.  Place was empty today at about 1:45pm.  I ordered a reuben sandwich and it was just too over priced at $6.95.  It tasted and looked the same as if I made it home myself and the portion of the meat was very little.  I ended up going back to the cafeteria at my office to get more food because I was still hungry after the reuben sandwich.  There is free wireless internet there so I’ll give them a Star for that.

I will note that the guy who complained about a $6.95 sandwich was NOT from San Francisco. Obviously.

I’ve reached out to the Caffe Moda to see if I can’t dredge up some more information, and if they entertain me with a reply, I will share it here with you.


A Couple Photos of Caffe Moda – 160 Seventh St:


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