Rancho Parnassus Closed.

Some sad news from over on Sixth Street… Rancho Parnassus Cafe (132 Sixth St.) has served its last cup of Thanksgiving Coffee as of a couple weeks ago when they were forced to close their doors for good.

Word on the street is that they tried for months to convince the City to allow them to service Tutubi Plaza near the intersection of Minna and Russ Street in exchange for keeping the area clean. Unfortunately the City could not find any way to make that happen in a legal way.

Look inside of Rancho Parnassus... Closed.

Apparently, Rancho’s owner believed that this outdoor space was key to their business model. If you think about it, they were right in the middle of the worst part of Sixth Street, so it probably would help them if this little family-friendly nook could place orders from their Cafe down the street and have food and coffee delivered while their children play on the playground.

Personally, I am disappointed that this cafe has closed. They were one of the few cafes that I’ve been to where they not only promoted creativity, but inspired it. They even had a blue screen wall where you could shoot your own video production projects while eating a panini!

From their website:

Rancho Parnassus isn’t just for sitting around.  We’re a creativity cafe:  a welcoming environment for artists, musicians and other creatives to make and do things.  Our goal is to get the abundant local talent at our location on Sixth Street working together, and then showcase their creations at the cafe.

I have been to Rancho on a number of occasions, most often for meetings with other people from around the Community. While I never found it anywhere near crowded, it didn’t seem to be struggling. I just figured I was never there during peak hours. Perhaps it was just ahead of its time.

I have met the owner once or twice, and he was very community-minded, always looking for ways to collaborate to help build a stronger bond with everyone in the neighborhood. It’s too bad that my biggest memory is the time I attended a community meeting and spent much of the hour+ gazing out the window at a blatant open air drug market directly across the street.

The open-air drug market across the street undoubtedly aided in the closing of Rancho Parnassus.

If you don’t believe me, just take a walk over there on any given afternoon and watch for yourself. I have seen it there every time I walk by. So if I can see it, how do the cops who presumably patrol the street never seem to catch on? That’s a whole different story. Or is it part of the problem that put Rancho Parnassus out of business?

I guess we’ll never know.


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3 thoughts on “Rancho Parnassus Closed.

  1. Rancho Parnassus was a great establishment. Truly like they said an “Oasis” in the middle of a horrific part of the city. Not too clear what actually happened here, but if the word on the street is accurate then it is indeed unfortunate that SF is impotent to help its local businesses. Now the only things I can consume on that corner are crack, meth, and malt liquor. Watch out.

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