Supervisor Kim Takes on Crime in SOMA

NOTE: We’ve created a Facebook Event Page for this Meeting. If you plan to come, please head over there and RSVP. If you know anyone else who would find this event useful or interesting, please forward to them as well!


It’s almost as if every day, there’s a new, crazier crime making headlines in South of Market. From gang-related shootings and throat stabbings to this Monday afternoon ATM Robbery and Kidnapping that occurred at the Wells Fargo Branch at Fourth and Brannan.

A 51-year-old woman was robbed and kidnapped while using the ATM at a South of Market district bank Monday afternoon, police said.

One of the suspects, a 38-year-old woman, pulled the victim’s hair as she was using the ATM and ordered her to enter her PIN and withdraw money, a witness told police.

She then allegedly forced the victim into a waiting GMC truck, which was driven by a 55-year-old man, police said.

I’ve used this ATM on more than one occasion! Thankfully, I don’t have much hair, so I think I’d be safe in this instance. But crazy, nonetheless.

According to the article (linked above), the bank’s manager realized what was happening and jotted down the license plate number, so the two suspects (and the victim) were stopped at Sixth and Harrison.


Supervisor Jane Kim Has Seen Enough.

Last night, an email from Jane Kim’s office began circulating the SOMA Community, announcing a last minute “Community Conversation” about the recent jungle we’re all living in.

Dear Community Members,

As you know there have been several incidents this past week that are of concern to the community’s health and safety. Dianne Alvarado has reached out to our office regarding the desire to have a community conversation around the increased incidents of violence in the South of Market.  The Luggage Store on Market Street  (1007 Market St.) has generously allowed us to use their space on Thursday, June 23 from 5-7 PM to have this conversation.

Please let me know if you are interested in helping to develop the agenda and/or if you are able to do outreach to community members.  Please also let us know if you see a specific role for office in facilitating the conversation or bring other resources to the table.

We also want to include small business groups, the police department and residents. Please forward me names of individuals we should reach out to.

Thank you in advance for your participation.

April (from Jane Kim’s Office)

I know that I will definitely be attending this meeting, and if you can, I would suggest that perhaps you try your best to make it as well. The more people who attend these meetings, the more the City will realize that the local residents and businesses are getting fed up with this madness, and perhaps they’ll step up to the plate to try and crack down on it.

I find it interesting that Sixth Street is a violent cesspool for decades with no intervention, but the second someone gets stabbed on Fourth Street and shot at Third and King, everyone gets up in arms to show their concern. (NOTE: Jane Kim has been working on gathering the Community since the recent incidents on Sixth Street, this comment was more of a general statement about the SOMA Community at large.) Whatever it takes, I guess. I’m just happy that it appears people are acknowledging the problem, and I hope this meeting turns into something beneficial for the greater Community.


Community Conversation Meeting Details

Who: Concerned Neighbors in South of Market
What: A Community Conversation About The Increased Violence in South of Market.
When: Thursday, June 23rd from 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Where: The Luggage Store, 1007 Market Street (at Sixth St.)
Why: To open a relevant and important dialogue about recent incidents throughout South of Market that affect us all.

One thought on “Supervisor Kim Takes on Crime in SOMA

  1. “I find it interesting that Sixth Street is a violent cesspool for decades with no intervention, but the second someone gets stabbed on Fourth Street and shot at Third and King, everyone gets up in arms to show their concern.”

    I generally use bloomingdales as the border for crazies and sanity. There’s a hard line on 5th street between market and the bay…now we must take a stand!!! Although, I will venture past 5th every once in awhile to snag a cup of blue bottle…it’s a cup of heaven.

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