Checking in With Moya – Folsom St. Fire Aftermath…

It’s been nearly a month since the four alarm fire that destroyed three different buildings along Folsom Street near Victoria Manalo Draves Park on May 4th.

In the days that followed, we looked into how we might be able to help the 100 or so victims who were displaced by the blaze. A number of readers also reached out to us about getting involved in the relief effort, but unfortunately (or fortunately), there really was nothing much we could do.

After playing phone tag with a representative of the Bay Area Chapter of the Red Cross for a couple of weeks, it was determined that all of the folks who were displaced were almost immediately provided with new homes in other buildings around San Francisco.

That left only one more dilemna. One of my personal favorite restaurants in South of Market was severely damaged by the fire, and I was concerned for their well being (as well as their future).

Last week, I reached out to Moya Ethiopian Restaurant & Cafe (formerly 1044 Folsom St.) to see if they had any thoughts on what happened, or where they envision their future. Here is their reply:


Thank you for your support. As you can imagine, things are really stressful right now in terms of figuring out finances and insurance details.

At the moment, we’re still trying to figure out what our options are, but we really want to stay in SOMA, and we’d love it even more if we could move back into the 1044 space.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

I hate when life deals bad things to good people, but I really wish great success to the women at Moya. It was truly a unique and delicious addition to the neighborhood, and I hope they reopen sooner than later… this time with wine and beer! (Hey, I can dream!)

5 thoughts on “Checking in With Moya – Folsom St. Fire Aftermath…

  1. Agreed! I really loved that place. The owners were so warm and welcoming, and the food was both divine and reasonably priced. I hope it comes back soon!!

  2. From what I have heard, the inside of the building is pretty torn up and from Moya specifically, they don’t know if they’re willing to wait for the entire process because I believe they’re planning to demolish the building.

    Since you live right by it, I’m sure you’ve seen inside and it looks like it’s pretty burnt out and even the top floor has no roof in a lot of the building.

    So my educated, but uninformed guess? They’re going to have to tear it down.

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