SFPD Mobile Command on Sixth Street: Week 2

Update on May 26th:

I just came across a story over at the Examiner, claiming that there was a possibly gang-related shootout at the corner of 6th and Minna Street late last night/early this morning.

The victims, ages 20 and 22, suffered bullet wounds that are not considered to be threatening in the attack at Sixth and Minna streets just before 2 a.m., police Lt. Troy Dangerfield said.

Obviously gang violence has become more rampant throughout the City, but it doesn’t normally reach Sixth Street. Not that it’s a shooting that is directly related to the area, but perhaps it could have been avoided if they put a twenty-four hour presence over there.


Original Post from May 26th:

We received an email from the guy who runs the Bluoz Blog, documenting life along the Sixth Street Corridor. If you’ll recall, he’s the one who broke the news to us about the recent incident at Passion Cafe as well as a number of other, even more disturbing stories from San Francisco’s Containment Zone.

This time, he shared praise AND good news coming from Sixth Street!

week 2, and [the sfpd mobile command unit] still there most of the business day

it’s a cautious success, because a few of the crack dealers in my SRO simply wait for them to leave and then go back out in front again, but it’s still an improvement… absolutely nothing happens as long as that unit is parked there

I did have to say thanks on my blog tho… I don’t think any of this would have happened without you guys… they don’t listen to me anymore, cause I’m contaminated by proxy

I’m glad the SFPD are keeping close tabs, yet annoyed that it took a business owner getting smashed over the head with a bottle of liquor for them to step up their efforts. But I will say they are doing a fantastic job from what I have seen and heard.

They’ve spent months promising the local businesses and residents of Sixth Street that they plan to open a Substation. I think this Mobile Unit can only support the case that such an addition is necessary for the safety of all the people over there, especially as there will be thousands more in the months to come.

Now that companies like Twitter and Burning Man are moving into the Mid-Market Area, I feel like the City is starting to pay attention to what’s going on over there. In fact, I happened to run into Supervisor Jane Kim on BART last week, and it was almost the first thing she brought up in our conversation. I didn’t even realize she knew who I was, so apparently we’re being heard.

On a side note, I realize that Sixth Street is not the only stretch of road in South of Market, and I try not to report too much on it because there are a lot of other places that are under-mentioned, but I’ll continue to update you on the situation… wouldn’t it be great if we no longer had a Sixth Street that was riddled with open air drug use and prostitution?

[photo courtesy of Bluoz!]

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