How is This Problem Ignored?

by Live SoMa

It’s easier to ignore a problem than to solve it. At least that’s what I tell myself when I see how the City ignores what’s going on along Sixth Street.

Thankfully, there are local residents such as Bluoz Blog who are trying to raise awareness of what can only be described as an open-air drug market where ‘anything goes’ without significant punishment.

For example, this video that was recently posted at Bluoz. You don’t have to watch for 10 seconds before you see a man passed out in his van, with three lines of “white, powdery substance” resting on his console. But it gets worse, moments after the camera finds this guy, someone tries to rob the man from the other side of the vehicle.

From there, the video just bombards you with all the problems that San Francisco likes to ‘pretend’ aren’t there. While they worry about “Walk First” Surveys and tripling the rent in South Beach, nobody seems to pay any mind to the empty syringes on the sidewalk, countless people using the alleyway as a bathroom, or the guy walking down the street with what seriously looks like a stolen bicycle.

Where are the police? Just because they don’t have a substation along Sixth Street doesn’t mean they can’t have a couple officers who spend their day walking back and forth from Folsom to Market. How many people need to be mugged or beaten before somebody looks at this issue?

A couple of weeks ago, I found another local citizen blog from an alleyway along Sixth. The blog is appropriately titled “Old Dirty Alley.”¬†While he doesn’t update it too often, when he does, it’s usually some pretty f#@ked up sh*t- from people changing buttock-wound bandages in a dirty alcove to his “Poop of the Day” post, which (thankfully) isn’t a daily feature, but still gives you an idea of how the people along Sixth Street treat themselves and their part of the neighborhood.

Both Bluoz and ODA have been around for years, chronicling and archiving the problems in the area, but aside from the occasional local media inquiry, they don’t seem to gather too much traction. I’m not going to pretend that Jane Kim and the rest of the Supervisors, along with the SFPD don’t know about these issues. But for some reason, bedbugs have taken a higher priority than doing something about this mess.

So my question remains, Substation or not, why can’t the Police do something about the open air drug and crime market along Sixth Street?¬†

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