Spire Restaurant & Bar – TEMPORARILY CLOSED

Update on February 16th:

I came across this update on Spire from over at GrubStreet:

Spire may have run up against some of the troubles that Traci Des Jardins’s ACME Chophouse faced before it closed and became Public House and Mijita— namely that the space is large, the concept not well suited to the neighborhood, and there isn’t much of a draw for people on non-game days and during the Giants’ off-season.

According to InsideScoop, “the owner’s plan is to reinvent the space, making it more comfortable and suitable for casual lingering- a place where people can sit and hang out”. I thought that is what the upstairs Lounge was aiming to do?

If you ask me, they might want to do something about the acoustics of this place while they’re renovating. The last time I ate there, I couldn’t hear myself chew because of all the echos bouncing off the exposed brick walls. Why would you want to hang out at a place where you can’t hear, particularly in this part of the neighborhood?

Whatever the case, I hope that they aren’t just bowing out for good under the guise that they’re ‘renovating.’ They’ve only been there for about 7 months, 4 of which were the much-dreaded off season. That means they haven’t truly tested the waters in the most profitable time of the year. Opening day is April 8th, less than two months away. I would hate to see them not have a full baseball season under their belts before they close.

And lastly, might I suggest the resurrection of their $10 bottomless Sangria night? Perhaps they should make it multiple nights!


Original Post from February 15th:

We’ve received an email from the folks at Spire Restaurant & Bar (685 Third St), letting us know that they will be closed for the next month or so, while they are renovating:

I’m writing to let you know that starting tomorrow, Feb. 15, Spire Restaurant & Bar will be temporarily closed for renovation until the end of March.

We are grateful for the public’s support over the past six months, and we’re working on providing a better dining experience for everyone. Please follow our progress on Facebook at facebook.com/spiresf and Twitter at twitter.com/spiresf.

We look forward to seeing you again very soon! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

I’ve sent a reply, asking if the closure has anything to do with their upstairs Lounge that they’ve been working on for quite some time. I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that they have a sign out front of the lounge, naming it 3 Degrees. That generally means they are close to opening (SEE NEXT POST). 

2 thoughts on “Spire Restaurant & Bar – TEMPORARILY CLOSED

  1. I heard from the staff that they were informed the restaurant was closing and many of them were left unpaid. Is their statement that they are renovating a euphamism for ‘out of business’?

  2. In all honesty, it could be. I’m not going to speculate on whether they’re going out of business based on a single email though. I will say that over the past few months, I have sent a number of inquiries to my contact over there, and none of them have been answered (including my follow up to this post).

    There’s an individual down there who runs a “Business Association” who has a problem with me inquiring about businesses in South Beach, and I just figured she somehow convinced the folks at Spire to not respond. (This person has publicly badmouthed LiveSOMA to a number of other businesses who have informed me about it- my guess being that we cover a lot of what they do for FREE, and that association charges a butt-load.)

    However, if they are having trouble at Spire, it makes sense because of the off season, and a lack of foot traffic. Nobody has said boo about them going out of business though, and I am aware that they have been trying to open the lounge upstairs since they opened last June. My guess is that the renovations to complete the upstairs lounge require them to temporarily close (maybe they’re adding an interior staircase or something?).

    We will definitely keep an eye out on the location though.

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