House of Shields Returns… Tomorrow.

Back in June, you might recall the House of Shield’s (39 New Montgomery St) closing their doors for what seemed like the end of an era. It was actually taken over by their next door neighbor, Dennis Leary, who is also the chef-owner of Canteen (817 Sutter St) and the Sentinel (37 New Montgomery St).

Leary has spent the past few months polishing all of the intricate statues and chandeliers, and restoring the hundred-plus year old bar to it’s original, dark wood beauty. According to the Inside Scoop SF, they plan to open for business tomorrow- first as a Financial District bar with an emphasis on cocktails, followed in the not-too-distant-future by easy late night snack options (read: sans utensils).

It’s going to be a spirits-based cocktail program. According to Passetti, drinks will be well-made, but this is not an artisan temple to mixology. With a straightforward aim in mind, the well bottles are solid, the shelf runs the spectrum — there’s Jameson just a few bottles down from more obscure spirits.

It’s a place to grab a beer if you want, or as Passetti puts it, the ultimate aspiration of a bar: “a straightforward, friendly place for people to socialize and make memories.”

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