Are Some District 6 Candidates Receiving ‘Special’ Treatment?

We are VERY close to posting video of the last District 6 Candidate Forum from the UCSF Mission Bay Campus. The videos are compressing and almost posted. I would say to check back later this afternoon if you’re interested.

In the meantime, I wanted to touch on an issue that has come to my attention over the past week or so… Candidate Propaganda.

If you’ve been to any of the Candidate Forums of recent, you were probably bombarded with all sorts of “Vote For ______” fliers and pamphlets while you were waiting for the Forum to begin. Sometimes there are even piles of stuff waiting in your seat when you arrive.

It must be getting closer to November 2nd though because all of that propaganda is starting to make its way inside of residential buildings. I recently had a source contact me and say that a couple of District 6 Candidates (or their supporters) had been spotted waiting outside of residential buildings until someone left, at which point they gain access and cover everyone’s front door with door hangers and fliers for their respective candidates.

Is this ‘smart campaigning’, or ‘unethical promotion’ of said candidates? 

Just yesterday, another local site, posted this video of District 6 Supervisor, Jane Kim’s Supporters gaining access to his THC building:

He adds in his posting:

This by itself is perfectly legal. However because Tenderloin Housing Clinic is a city funded non profit and 501c.3, it is illegal for them to promote or favor any one candidate over another. It’s illegal under the standard contract with the City of San Francisco and it’s illegal under IRS code as well. It is also well known that Randy Shaw supports Jane Kim for district 6 supervisor so this is one heck of a coincidence

Because there is now proof that Randy Shaw allows door to door campaigning of Jane Kim supporters inside of buildings controlled by him, he MUST allow access to all other candidates to do the exact same thing, or it is illegal partisanship campaigning.

Now whether Randy Shaw intentionally allowed exclusive access for Jane Kim into his buildings (he currently runs about 16 buildings with over 1,000 residents… coincidentally the margin of victory by Chris Daly in the last election) is a moot point because shortly after bluoz published his article, Debra Walker’s people came storming through the same hallway (CLICK HERE to view that video). It’s widely known that Debra Walker has spoken out about issues with the THC and is therefore not considered one of Randy Shaw’s ‘favorites’.

In an email exchange with bluoz, I asked if he knew if the Candidates were granted permission to enter his building and distribute their materials door-to-door. He wrote:

Yes, they were given permission…I asked the front desk today, but curiously this ‘permission’ came just after I posted the video.

The Jane Kim permission from the front desk came on saturday… Nobody is saying that Jane Kim was given priority or anything, it’s just that it’s suspicious because it’s well known that Randy Shaw supports Jane Kim. Also check out the comments (at the bottom).. apparently one of the Kim campaigners is a DBI inspector with a grudge against Walker…

I do know that Kim was given permission on saturday, but what the front desk told me is they’re not supposed to knock on doors, which they did (it’s in the video).. Although they had a list of tenants… From what I heard the list came from internal Kim campaign from past voting records. It’s against state law for THC as a welfare provider to reveal the identity of their clients to anyone outside of the ‘system’.

So I guess other than stirring the Community Pot, the point of this speculation-filled post is to ask you what you think? As a local resident, do you think it’s fair (and acceptable) for Candidates and their supporters to enter your building and distribute materials on a door-to-door basis? I’ve personally been waiting for an onslaught of mailings, but I had never considered the possibility that my doorbell would ring and I would find a D6 Candidate standing there waiting to hand me a flier.

Should this be allowed, assuming they are consistent in giving access to every candidate? Or do you feel that they should spare you and your family and not waste paper? Whatever happened to the good ole fashioned standing outside of the train station? So far, the only Candidate I’ve heard about doing any foot-patrol campaigning is Debra Walker, who has been seen walking up and down Mission Street in the morning rush, handing out fliers and signing up new voters at the bus stops.

6 thoughts on “Are Some District 6 Candidates Receiving ‘Special’ Treatment?

  1. good post and I’ll probably link whenever that video comes up..there was one late addition to my own post and probably applies to SRO’s and maybe not to most apartment buildings

    there was a big deal made just days after the 2006 election of how Chris Daly won, and that was through SRO activism and tenant outreach

    I remember it very well, and in this SRO it was all Daly all the time..I waited 4 years to be able to say that it doesn’t have to be that way

  2. All candidates are getting into buildings. The Walker campaign is going around saying they have voter education information to hand out and if you look at the raman…paid walker people got in to deliver “voter information.”

    I’ve also seen Kim, Keyes and Zamora lit in my building and on doors.

    this is a non-issue but I can tell there are certain candidates you don’t like.

  3. Cecil,
    While I appreciate your comment, I must point out an inaccuracy. This post was written over a month ago, and over a month ago, there was a question of ethics involved in who was being allowed in buildings. Particularly into THC buildings.
    Since this post, a number of other Candidates have been allowed into buildings, and the issue is now a non-issue. It does not, however, reflect my personal opinions on any specific Candidate, and I am offended that you suggest that. Contrary to what you suggest, I do not dislike any of the Candidates. I disagree with some, but you will not see those specifics published on LiveSOMA. I am not interested in telling people who to vote for as many other local media outlets have offered. In fact, I feel like I have provided some of the most fair and balanced coverage of this race as a whole.
    To help voters decide, I have created the following Measure Stance Document, as opposed to offering my own opinions about Candidates.

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