The Raygun Gothic Rocketship Has Landed at Pier 14

by Live SoMa


I just wanted to point out the comment below as it directly corrects something we posted yesterday:

Unfortunately, the inside of the Rocketship will not be open to the public while installed at Pier 14… primarily because of ADA restrictions within the climbing space, but mostly because we had a containment breach just before crash landing on the Embarcadero and one of our parasitic spider lashers got loose and started breeding like crazy. We’ve isolated their external reproductive organs and sterilized their fermentation gradient, but it’s going to be a while before their life cycle comes full circle.

Original Post from August 5th:

A new art installation has landed on the edge of Pier 14 near the Ferry Building in South of Market. Between now and October 7th, 2011, you can head over and take a look at the Raygun Gothic Rocketship, “a rococo retro-futurist future-rustic vernacular between yesterday’s tomorrow and the future that never was, a critical kitsch somewhere between The Moons of Mongo & Manga Nouveau.”

The 40′ tall Rocketship was created by a group of Bay Area Artists lead by Sean Orlando, Nathaniel Taylor and David Shulman. According to the Raygun Rocketship Blog, it took more than 70 artists to create the retro-futuristic, 1930′s-1940′s vision of science fiction space travel.

The Rocketship, poised as if to board passengers for a typical run to a nearby stellar destination, will remain at the Pier 14 Tidal Plaza, at the base of Mission Street, on San Francisco’s Embarcadero for a 14-month temporary exhibition. The sculpture will be accompanied by a companion piece, the Rocket Stop designed by Alan Rorie, which tells the story of the Rocketship’s exploits, providing route, schedule and other information. The installation will be illuminated for nighttime viewing.

I had a chance to head over there yesterday morning and snap a couple shots before Friday’s Opening Reception. They still have a cautionary fence surrounding the installation, but you can at least get a decent look.

Once it opens on Friday, you’ll be able to take a much closer look by climbing up into the rocket itself. Inside you’ll find all sorts of interesting tidbits like a contained alien named Ivan who has octopus-like tentacles and likes to sleep. Here’s a great video from that takes you inside the ship:


The “Landing Party” as it’s called, will be this Friday, August 6th from 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. For more information, check out the Raygun Gothic Rocketship Website Here.

Here are some pics that I took yesterday morning:



It looks pretty cool with the Bay Bridge Behind it!


Close Up Shot of the Door. You'll be able to go inside!


Take A Look Inside...


A Retro Poster


Already Drawing a Crowd

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